Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Series of Unfortunate Events

My life seems like it is just unfortunate event after unfortunate event. It seems fitting that it happens this time just shore the holidays. I know that my life is nothing compaired to others and their crazy life problems. This year alone we have had our ups and downs. Each year the problems are big or they are small. Ihave been known to hurt myself every year in some way or another. This year alone has been a roller coaster. It started by one baby daddy not paying child support, then it went to issues with my income taxes, Disney vacation, then the closing of my employer, my car blowing a valve seal, getting laid off, then the other baby daddy stops paying child support, baby daddy drama,  cv shafts boot rips, court, new job, baby daddy drama, again court, Jeremiah breaks his hand, baby daddy drama, court yet again, and now windshield breaks, and it's not the end of the year yet. See a trend?
Again my life is just as hetic as the next person, however just for one year I would like for things to just go right with minor issues. I am thankful for everything that I have going for me at this point but it could most definitely could be much better than this. I am not asking for much just for things to be calm.

When things go wrong and out of my control there is one place that I like to go to for peace and serenity. Duke loves coming here because he is able to be free.

1). Duke blends right in
2) As the season changes so does the scenery
3). Gives me peace to walk up this hill knowing that at the end I will have a peace of mind
4). One of the many stops I make to tIe a moment and enjoy what is around
5). My first stop to obtain peace of mind

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