Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's snowing!

I am in amazement that it is snowing. I mean I know it is that time of year and it is New England. I just don't think that I am prepared for it to be cold again.

The funny thing is that I grew up in Northern New York where we would get 4 feet of snow and still have to go to school. I remember when we were hit with a bad storm, The Ice Storm of 98'. You can Youtube it and see videos of it. And that wasn't the first one lol. They would make shirts saying "I survived the Ice Storm of 98'."

I remember my first time getting ready to drive to CT and that night we got hit with about 3 feet of snow and I had to go to work that morning driving down Arsenal St in one land (this is a main road which had 4 lanes to it). After work the side roads were just being cleared and it never mattered if there were cars on the side of the road the plows would still go down the road. Well this particular time it was slick and I was sliding into the other lane and this truck sped up to try and get passed me but it didn't happen. I clipped him in the bumper. He got out and went running. What the HELL!! What do you do?!? I did what any normal person would do.....I got in my car and got the hell out of there!!

Nothing came of that incident.

I don't like being cold, I don't like having to wear many layers and still the wind make me look like I have recently had Botox, but the plus side is that I get more time with my cuddle buddy. He is my source of heat, the sweat bucket that he is.

However the one that that I did learn to do was SNOWBOARD! I love to snowboard but I don't like to  bomb down the hill. So you can spot me either going real slow or the one who is falling all the time lol.

My first photo is of me with my first snowboard 5150!
The next 5 are of our friend Dave. I even made a video on Youtube
2 of Jeremiah
Me at Butternut on the lift
The line to get on the lift
Logan with his snowboard
Jeremiah's board nice Flow board
Of course mine has to be pretty in pink Ride
The kiddos having fun in the snow with our Dukers
And last of all my pretty little big lady

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