Thursday, November 8, 2012

A moment of bliss

I can truly say I am on cloud nine.

I get this feeling when everything falls into place in my life. These moments of happiness happen a lot. Now don't let me fool you into thinking my life is full of rainbows and butterflies. My life can get very crazy at times, to the point that everything is just a shade of gray. Depression maybe? When things fall apart I loose control and that's where the I fall into the gray area. Similar to when Alice falls down the hole tumbling down except for me there is no end until things begin to right themselves and then its all bright sunshine, birds chirping, and butterflies.

When everything is working out I am happy and when I am happy everyone is happy.
So back to working out again with Insanity. I really enjoy working out, I feel better about myself, and I see improvement right away. The only thing that gets in my way is..myself.

I am my own worse enemy....
1. Comparing myself and my abilities with others around me (I'm always worse off in these).
2. Berating myself for not being as good as or as competant/accomplished as I want to be.
3. Feeling like I'm going nowhere.
4. Engaging in self-destructive behaviour (binging on food, getting angry or making excuses for my behavior)
5. Make excuses of why I can't workout
6. Always looking at the worst case scenario
7. Feeling others will recognize this about me and look down on me.
I am not sure why I do these things but it gets in the way of me moving forward.
As of right now everything seems to be in place. I am working out. I am back on my diet which means everyone in the house is too. And most important I am content.


  1. I've done two hours a day since Monday and I feel awesome back on my game. I can relate to the feeling :)

    1. I like working out. I feel better about myself.